Glenda Thomas, Conference Speaker

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Speaker, Artist, Author, Life Coach

Who is Glenda Thomas?


Glenda Fleming-Thomas was born in Mt. Pleasant TX and raised in San Francisco and San Jose. She attended Southwestern Christian College where she met and married. J C Thomas Jr.

Glenda Thomas has been married to Evangelist JC Thomas Jr. 43 years. They work with couples as Marriage Coaches. Mother to 3 young adults JC III, Linnita and Marie and has 1 grandson J C IV and 2 granddaughters DaJané and Seania Burnett.

For much of her life, she served as a minister’s wife. She has taught all age groups in Sunday School and created curriculum.

She is a national speaker. Her most recent event was st Pepperdine University.

In 2015 she faced her most daunting challenge she went through brain aneurysm surgery! The Lord brought her through. Many 1000’s die from aneurysms every year. Glenda knows that God has saved her for a purpose beyond what she ever thought. Glenda wrote a book about her experience during her recuperating period. Since the surgery Glenda has become an artist!! The Next Chapter: Glenda’s Brain Aneurysm Journey.

She also is a certified Life Coach and author of the Book: The Change and other books.

Glenda served as co-teaches the Senior Adult class with her husband JC at Stop Six Church of Christ the current Eastpointe Church in Fort Worth where Kristopher K. Dardar and his wife LaMaria serve.

Glenda Currently attends the Southside Church of Christ in Little Rock Arkansas. She is serving as co-teacher of Strengthening the Family Class and Co- Coordinator of the Women’s Ministry.

She solicits your prayers as she walks in God’s purpose.


What will you receive when Glenda Thomas shows up to speak at your event?

  • A speaker who is Spirit-led
  • A inspirational message with content you can apply to your life right away.
  • You will feel refreshed and ready to continue your Christian journey
  • You will have a sense of hope
  • You will have tools to help you build a fulfilling life in Christ
  • You will gain insights you can share with others.
  • You and attendees will experience my art to stamp the message and your theme on their hearts.
  • Hugs 🤗


How May I Help You?

Go the comment box below to send a message to me.

I will reply soon!

I look forward to working together on your special event.

Topics Glenda has spoken on:

  • Emotional Healing Through God
  • Healing From the Past
  • The Greatest of these is Love
  • Getting to Know Me: Enneagram Workshop
  • Team Building: Lost at Sea Workshop

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